Women in Solidarity Committee                        
IX Latina Women’s Conference- MAY 6th-2016

State House, 2nd floor-9:00 am-2:00pm



Over the past 8th years the Network of Women in Solidarity have created a space where immigrant women can share strategies and inspiration, learn from each other, and encourage each other’s efforts.  This includes learning about and planning strategies to overcome challenges regarding: education and health disparities in our communities, workers’ rights, economic development, activism and the overall immigrant experience in the US.   It has also included the opportunities of sharing cultures through – music, dance, foods, stories, language, and ways of organizing.  Each individual brings its own distinctive contributions to the Network and together collaborate to build a stronger movement, join us and become part of the sisterhood.   

 In all our communities, gender based inequalities jeopardizes women’s opportunities to live in self sustainable ways.  Despite our very different locations, international and local, we face many similar issues: violence against women/human trafficking, health disparities, challenges in professional development and advancement, educational attainment, economic inequality, just to name a few.  In the United States, low-income communities, and immigrant women face aggressive attacks and budget cuts to the services and programs designed to work toward bridging the gaps of the mentioned inequalities, making our united efforts even more necessary.

The WSN’s Annual Conference provides the space for empowerment and learning from each other’s situations, through a series of panel discussions and dialogues we analyze particular topics on issues related to gender, race, class and nation.  Outlining the common challenges and together identify best practice models and to build a stronger support network.  The Women in Solidarity Network is program of the Dominican Development Center, a grass-root organization working in collaboration with activist women in our local and national communities.   Women of all age groups and from diverse backgrounds that bring different tactics and perspectives to closing the gender based gaps.

Many Network participants give talks and workshops, personal testimonies, and present on causes that stress the need for stronger female representation.  The space is also open for visual artists, poets, writers, dancers, and performers. We see a crucial connection between the arts and action for social change.  As an international network we seek to:

promote solidarity and healing among the diversity of women affected by gender based inequalities;
integrate our common understandings into our relationships in the Network and in our daily lives;
promote leadership and self-determination among all the sisters of the Network;
initiate and support local and international efforts in support of women’s rights and
Strengthen our work by exploring our diverse historical, social, political, and economic experiences in each nation.

                                                     INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S CONFERENCE

 We will hold our annual conference at the Massachusetts State House on Friday,  May 6th 8, 2016

Open forum sessions with special guests from Mexico, Dominican Republic, San Salvador and Haiti, Brazil providing the International women perspective on Immigration issues from different perspectives: Worker Rights, Domestic Violence, Immigration Reform, Economic Crisis, etc. 
Individual Networking - We will encourage the conference participants to engage in one on one networking session, hoping to engage in community dialogs.

The event we are proposing, will support the struggles and provide international witnesses; women capable to understand the effects of discrimination against women and workers exploitation, with the sensitivity to feel their pain, and willing to commit to solidarity.  Overarching, this event will advance women's human rights  

By strengthening our activism as an International Network that addresses women's human rights as part of our framework.
By building consciousness of current event and issues affecting women
By promoting solidarity and empowering the younger generation of immigrant women
By increasing visibility of Latina Women through the creation of the group: Women in Solidarity Theater

Please, choose an option that you can afford.  A BIG THANK YOU FOR BEING ONE OF OUR SPONSORS.

Sponsorship Opportunities:


Solidarity Champion                         $1.500.00        Full page greeting, banner, information table
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Women Courage                               $1,000.00        ½ page greeting, banner, information table, 3 tickets
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Empowerment                                       500.00         ¼ page greeting, banner, 2 tickets, promotion
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Godfather & Godmother                        100.00         Line greeting and radio program
General registration fee                           30.00 


Please, feel free to make check payable to: Dominican Development Center/LULAC Council 12115
42 Seaverns Avenue, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130- www.dominicandevelopmentCenter.org