We have a core of 10 volunteers members committed to support us to carry over DDC mission and programs. 

We provide benefits to our volunteers with stipends, free trainings, free wavers for conference attendance at a local and national level, and space for leadership development 


Lucy Cornier

Function as worker organizer for two initiatives, leadership development and work force
development. Lucy is a domestic worker, a disable and experience leader who emerged from the
Tenant Leadership Program run by Magalis a few years ago. She is a dedicated woman who
exercise their disability rights confronting the system and advocating for women’s rights.


​Magalis Troncoso Lama- Founder and Director of DDC

Function as the Executive and Lead Organizer, a-long-time and experienced community
organizer, one of the founder members of the Domestic Bill of Right in Massachusetts.  She has a background in journalism from her country Dominican Republic and graduated in the year 2007 with a master’s degree in business administration from Phoenix University. She also has a bachelor’s in Human Services and Organizing from UMASS. Magalis
is a recognized leader in the environmental organizational non-grass-root area with over 20 years
of experience working for different non-profit organizations and running Spanish communication
programs. She is a board member of the Greater Boston Legal Services, board members of
Boston Women’s Fund, and recently named as part of the board of the National Domestic
Workers Alliance, also, she is one of the founders of the American Alliance, an immigrant national
an organization dedicated to immigration issues at a national and transnational level.

Dorka Gutierrez

Is a long-time nurse from Dominican Republic who is helping workers to be come to be
professional as Home Care Workers? She is seating on the Board of The National Domestic
Workers Alliance and work as a home care assistance for several Home Care Agencies.