Our Mission

November 22, 2023

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Upcoming Events

  • Home Care Aide Grass-Root Training
  • ESL & Citizenship Immigrant Initiative:
  • International Women in Solidarity Conference:
  • Leadership Development Initiatives

To achieve our mission, we offer a range of programs and activities that bring together long-time residents and newcomers of all ages and diverse backgrounds.

DDC is committed to fostering educational and leadership opportunities that enable our members to fully leverage the opportunities available in this country.


Our Vision

Our Values

Racial Justice

The Lives We Impact

December 10, 2023

Holiday Celebration and Graduation

DDC envisions a future marked by equal representation, equal rights, and equal power for all immigrant families. 

Members create spaces for dialogue on how racism impacts low-income families, addressing issues of violence against women, health disparities, and challenges in professional development.​

March 8, 2024 

18th Annual International Women in Solidarity Conference 




Indigenous Leadership


DDC has been organizing for racial and economic justice in collaboration with national and immigrant grassroots organizations.

Supporting leadership development for domestic workers, conducting surveys, and launching a Home Care Aide Program to empower immigrant women seeking workforce integration. Over 600 women have graduated from this program.​