The Dominican Development Center is a nonprofit organization led and directed by immigrant residents of Boston, Massachusetts. Our mission is to develop and empower Dominican immigrants and immigrants representing all communities. We strive to improve the quality of life for our members by promoting immigration issues that might affect our communities, including but not limited to current immigration laws, legal procedure, immigration and human rights among other. We do this through the programming of educational and leadership opportunities which would allow our members to learn and take full advantage of what this country has to offer, and by this have a productive life. This mission is accomplished by providing programs and activities that bring together longtime residents and newcomers of all ages and diverse backgrounds to achieve our dreams of social justice and political representation. We believe that new emerging immigrant communities are the inspiration that will bring progressive movement. The DDC embraces a future of equal representation, equal rights and equal power for all immigrant families, we hope to establish a real conversation among immigrant communities and allow them to have a voice in public debates that impact the life of Dominican immigrants and their families.