Recent Projects

Bill of Rights for Domestic Workers
The Dominican Development Center (DDC) works to improve the quality of life of immigrant communities residing in the Boston Area. We provide immigration referrals, a citizenship class, and advocate for immigrant workers rights.

Anti Domestic Violence 
The Dominican Development Center  recently headed out to help some women whose husbands resorted to domestic violence.

International Women's Day

As an effort to serve to the community, DDC has implemented the International Women's Day, an event in which hundreds of women participate every year.

Providing education to the Latin People

Our volunteers drove an initiative to teach a number of classes to community leaders in Massachusetts  about the importance of  having leadership in the community.

Latin American people suffer and  don’t have the most basic knowledge to advance in this society.


We have a basic mission: to help more Latino people in Massachusetts in their  struggle against the cultural shock  that they live because of the barrier of the language and the cultural differences.

What We’re Doing

Organization Profile

Dominican Development Center


Founded: 2007

Founder: Magalis Troncoso


Areas of expertise: 
Latin American Community Development, fundraising